Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Venezuela's Maduro's Possible Use of Political Ally Robert Serra as Needed Martyr Follows Pattern of Dictators Using Martyrs

I've been reading up on the most unfortunate killing of a young man with a somewhat promising future, the Venezuelan congressman Robert Serra.  Both he and his live in partner Maria Herrera had been murdered in his home in a depressed section of town where they lived together.

He had been a most faithful and loyal ally of Nicolás Maduro, the far leftist president of Venezuela. This fellow was a twenty-seven year old attorney with a Master´s Degree in Criminology, a most admirable and impressive set of achievements for someone so young.  He may have been a far leftist in politics which I regard as a blight but he did accomplish some admirable achievements.

At the beginning, it was seen as a horrible crime in which someone in the Venezuelan government had been brutally murdered.  Many murders  occurred in the cities of that unfortunate nation since Hugo Chavez first became its dictator after his possibly self inflicted coup attempt.

Now, this guy Maduro has begun a finger pointing campaign at former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe who practically dug his nation out of a cesspool of violence, political disorder, and drug crimes.  What Maduro is doing here is both living in a house of glass and throwing stones.

I cannot directly accuse his regime of having engineering the murder of his ally in order to create a useful martyr in the person of Robert Serra. The proof is simply not evident now.  It may at some point in the future arise. Again it may never arise. Again, the Venezuelan President could very well be totally innocent of this speculation.  If that's the case, my heartfelt apologies to President Maduro then are in order and offered in good faith.

Remember the story of how King David orchestrated the murder of Uriah the Hittite so he could cover up having impregnated Bathsheba? It's happened in history.

In the history of organized crime there were rumors that Al Capone fed information to the Chicago North Side gang of Bugs Moran of where Johnny Torrio would be so that they could do him the service of getting the big boss out of his way.  Johnny Torrio of course survived and even outlived Al Capone by ten years. But back then, Torrio was badly wounded and what happened? Johnny Torrio handed over this underworld empire to Al Capone. "It's yours, Al." Those were his words.  The historical precedents are there.

 That it's possible, yeah, like I said, Maduro has needed a political martyr and who better than a young charismatic ally to die for him?

It may never pop up but I do reserve as much right to speculate that possibility every bit as much as the propaganda machinery of the Maduro regime has to point the finger at Alvaro Uribe and produce false witnesses to create some sort of smoking gun.  As far as this is concerned, all I am doing is speculating a possibility. Dictatorial regimes need lies and need all sorts of manufactured false evidence.

For example, have you ever heard of North Korea´s mischief antics?

The KGB also indulged in tremendous campaigns of lies and deceit to sink political enemies of the Soviet Union in the heyday of Soviet Communism. Moreover, one of the directories of the KGB, the KGB's First Chief Directorate was known for spreading disinformation, known also as "Dezinformatsiya."

And what was Putin during the Soviet era? He was a KGB colonel.

And who is Maduro's main ally in the Western Hemisphere? The Castro regime is Maduro's main ally in the Americas. And what organization does the Castro regime rely upon for its survival? The Castro regime relies on the Servicios de la Seguridad del Estado. They are the Cuban version of the KGB and the Gestapo all rolled up in one.

So then, it is not beyond imagination to speculate that Maduro needed very badly to manufacture a martyr. After all, Hitler had his Che Guevara.

And Stalin had his Sergey Kirov who had been his ally in Leningrad but needed a martyr in 1934, to unleash his purge of the Communist Party of several rivals and of Trotsky's influence.

Before that, Hitler had his chief propaganda spin doctor,Joseph Goebbels canonize a nazi storm trooper and whoremonger named Horst Wessell become a martyr figure after the Communist pimp of a prostitute with whom Wessell lived, murdered him during the 1920s. Moreover, Goebbels had one of songwriters dedicate a song or hymn to Horst Wessel that became known as the Horst Wessell song.

Right now, while the Maduro regime is embroiled in a horrible economic and political situation of its own making, with his own party in danger of imploding, having a faithful puppy dog martyr such as Robert Serra, would be useful.

Moreover, like the Reichstag Fire of March 1933 enabled Hitler to get a number of unconstitutional laws signed by President Hindenburg in its aftermath, Maduro wants to use the death of Serra to tighten gun control laws, to disarm the populace, leave the citizens totally helpless against violence by his own leftist thugs.

Do you see here how the dots are being connected? The death of Serra provides a useful martyr figure for Maduro who wants to impose a gun control law over the Venezuelan people as Hitler used the Reichstag Fire to impose the Enabling Acts passed in German which enabled him to undo habeas corpus laws there.

I remember reading in the end of the Gospel books how Pharisees and the Sadducees bribed Roman guards to say that the Apostles had stolen the body of our Lord Jesus Christ from his tomb.

This death of Robert Serra occurring in the nick of time to rescue Maduro during his decline to rally around a loyal leftist lawmaker ally is just too convenient.  And who do they blame? Alvaro Uribe of course.  Who better than Alvaro Uribe who practically disemboweled the Guerrillas, the FARC terrorists?

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